Welcome to the 2020

Lyon County Fair!

KVOE is partnering with the Lyon County Fair Board to bring KVOE TV coverage of the beef, goat, sheep and pig shows. Click here:  http://www.citylinktv.com/channel/emporia-kvoe/

To view the 4-Hers and the livestock projects they will be offering at the 2020 Lyon County Fair Premium Auction on Monday, Aug. 10 at 6 p.m. visit:

Flipgrid.com Click HERE


Password: 2020fair.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best fair entertainment for the citizens of Lyon County and the surrounding counties. 

Thank you 4-H members, Volunteers, Lyon County Extension, KVOE, United Country Great Plains Auctions & our Lyon County Fair Board for a very rewarding Fair every year.  It takes yearlong partnerships to make the fair successful!   

Board Officers, Board Members & Staff

President: Larry Rust

VP: Jeremiah Corpening

Secretary: Sheila Price

Chairman:Travis Heins

Accountant: Cindy Klumpe

County Rep: Scott Briggs

Groundskeeper: John Price

Mike Arndt, Jason Birk, Larry Browning, Aaron Conrade, Jeremiah Corpening, Ken Duft, Larry Fowler, Gregg Gasche, Dan Hamman, Travis Heins, Dale Hodges, Gene Jackson, Amy Jenkins, Fred Kurzen, Jodee Lee, Larry Milroy, Mary Ann Newton, Brody Peak, Chris Phillips, Roger  Potter, Shelia Price, Dale Putman, Tony Redeker, Larry Rust, Ralph Schellhamer, Roy VanSickle

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