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2021 4-H County Fair Livestock Auction

The online auction will be ran by DVAuction. If participating in bidding, please create an account. A credit card is required for set up, however it will not be charged for the premium. The winning bidder will directly pay the 4-H member. 

When a bidder wins the premium, the auctioneer will ask how to remove the animal(s) from the fair grounds. Premium payment is for the animal only. (Example: $500 winning bid plus market value of .60 cents per pound times a 300 pound animal is $180. To the 4-Her the payment would be $680 total)

Here are the options after winning:

  • Ship it--meaning the animal goes to a floor buyer. Buyer does not assume rights to animal and will not get processed meat.

  • Olpe or Alta Vista--Buyer is responsible for processing charges and pick up

  • Other-- pre arranged locker plant appointment with own transport and buyer is responsible for processing charges and pick up.


Show Order:

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